School to School Support

Our school to school support team

paul gibbsPaul Gibbs, leads on School to School support for BPA. He has been a Headteacher for 12 years and also a maths consultant prior to headship as well as a School Improvement Advisor.

sarah hewitt clarkson

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, LLE, is the Headteacher of Anderton Park, part of Teach First National Forum, a member of OFSTED West Mids Reference group and a variety of other regional groups championing equality and diversity. 

sammi evans

Sammi Evans, supports Early Years teachers in developing practice.                

anna moss

Anna Moss, mentor headteacher, is Headteacher at Blackwell First School, EYs Recovery Lead for Birmingham and has supported schools in challenging circumstances.

anita mclaren

Anita McLaren, mentor headteacher, is Headteacher at Charford First School, leading a large three form entry town school.

sharron pembertonSharron Pemberton, maths school support.

natalie harbron

Natalie Harbron, English school support.

fleur webb

Fleur Webb, EYs lead teacher.

helen townsend

Helen Townsend, SENco/ behaviour lead teacher.


alison forrest 2

Alison Forrest, Pupil Premium & Safeguarding Support

rob fishwick

Rob Fishwick, Science.

simon anderson 2

Simon Andersen, Maths and Key Stage 2 Teaching and Learning.

tracie langfield

Tracie Langfield, trauma friendly schools, safeguarding & relationships policy



tracie langfield

Bethan Kuriger, Humanities & Moderation




tracie langfield

Emma Rawlins, SEND

School to School Support Services

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Support offer



Leadership Team Reviews- 1 ½ days, including written report

An on site leadership team review with written report and actions, followed by a second meeting and a final review report. This powerful process will support the development of all leaders, including governors.


Headteacher Performance Management – ½ day

An annual visit that includes objective, external advice for governors on the review and objective setting process. The reviewer will examine evidence, review the previous year’s objectives and set new targets in liaison with governors and the headteacher. This will include support for pay recommendations, constructive and specific feedback for the headteacher and governors.


Peer review lead- quality assurance – ½ day

As a peer review trainer, we can offer support and quality assurance for current peer review processes.


Whole school review- team review where BPA leads

This process can be negotiated with individual schools and may involve a data and paperwork preview, followed by a monitoring trail, review and write up. These activities support long term sustainability by building capacity within and between schools. A written report will be provided.

Day rate- £600

½ day - £300

Additional reviewers as above

Training in peer review

As a peer review trainer, we can offer training in a structured approach for leaders to work with other schools for whole school peer review.

Day rate - £600

New head support/ induction

Bespoke packages for new headteachers to support them through the early stages of headship, including coaching and learning conversations. Support with SEF and SDP writing, monitoring, teacher performance management, budget setting, governor development/ monitoring and a range of other school improvement activities.

Day rate- £600

½ day- £300

SEF/data support

Support for headteachers/ governors in developing an evaluative and robust SEF based on data and evidence.

Day rate- £600

½ day- £300

Mentor Headteacher

Ongoing support that is tailored to the needs of individual schools/ heads. It may involve specific school improvement activities or targeted support for heads and leadership teams.

Day rate- £450

½ day- £225

SIP/ challenge partner

Learning conversations for headteachers and senior leaders to support school improvement and offer challenge and support. A written report will be provided.

Day rate- £600

½ day- £300

SLE support

SLEs can support a range of school improvement priorities from Early Years to English/Maths support that is school wide or for specific individual teachers.

Day rate - £350

½ day - £175



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